2015 Bordeaux – Poyferr茅, Gruaud, Calon lots of releases as Bordeaux gets back to work

by Charles Lea


Yesterday was the opening of the new tourist attraction in Bordeaux, the Cit茅 du Vin, so nothing happened in the way of releases until late in the day when the two hugely rated wines from the Chanel group, Canon and Rauzan S茅gla (拢570) were released. These wines are on allocation only, but if you would like either please get in touch asap.

Today we have CH脗TEAU L脡OVILLE POYFERR脡 at a price (拢570 per doz, or 拢285 per six bottles) significantly below the current prices of top vintages, as well as being below the price of L茅oville Barton (which we can still offer at 拢580, but which has sold out in BordeaChateau-Calon-Segur-2015ux).

Also out is聽2015聽CH脗TEAU CALON S脡GUR (拢570 per doz, or 拢285 per six bottles). Calon haslong been very sought after and although this is offered at a fairly significantly increased price, this does reflect the fact that all vintages of Calon have moved up, and there is nothing cheaper in Bordeaux in any vintage. It therefore still looks a sensible en primeur buy. Limited stock.

2015聽CH脗TEAU GRUAUD LAROSE 拢485 per doz) is offered at a level below vintages of this quality, and we liked the wine.

Other releases include the second wines 2015聽SARGET DE GRUAUD LAROSE – perfectly sensibly priced drinker at 拢162, and the excellent聽2015聽MARQUIS DE CALON (拢180) which we tasted really well, as well as chunky Margaux聽2015聽CH脗TEAU CANTENAC BROWN which looks good value for the drinker at 拢350, even if we’d rather have eg 2015聽CH脗TEAU FERRI脠RE for less.

As always, you can stay up to date with all the releases from #Bdx15 on our Recent Releases page.