2016 Bordeaux – Léoville Las Cases, L’Église-Clinet, La Petite Église, Ausone

by Edward Richardson

Today’s releases include some of the top-rated wines from the vintage. The Chateaux certainly believe they have produced something very special, wines that are blessed with genuine greatness. The critics seem to agree. Léoville Las Cases, L’Église-Clinet and Ausone are all touching 100 points. Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the pricing reflects the hype and the high scores. Nevertheless, if you want to secure a case of something very special for your cellar then they are worth a look.

LÉOVILLE LAS CASES is out at £1,050 per 6 bottles IB. This left Neal Martin struggling for superlatives, ‘it is the intensity, depth and arching structure that astounds, with detail on the finish that rivets your feet to the spot…’ He summed it up as, ‘awe-inspiring’. Other critics loved this too – Jane Anson scored it 99/100, James Molesworth 96-100/100, Galloni 95-98+/100.

L’ÉGLISE CLINET has been released at £1,350 per 6 bottles IB. Neal Martin rated this 97-99/100 and described it as ‘nothing less than a brilliant wine from Denis Durantou, undoubtedly one of the stars of the vintage.’ Jane Anson rated it 98/100, James Molesworth 94-97/100, Galloni 96-99/100. Also from the Durantou stable is LA PETITE ÉGLISE released at £180 per 6 bottles IB. For those not seeking trophy wines, this looks a strong buy. It shows off the outstanding quality of the Merlot at this property without breaking the bank. Galloni rated it 90-93/100 and called it, ‘sexy and racy in the glass, with tons of aromatic nuance and mid-palate unctuousness, the Petite Eglise is a terrific introduction to the house style. Readers who can find it should not hesitate.’

The 98-100/100 rated AUSONE is also out at £1,800 per 3 bottles IB. We only have minuscule volumes of this but do let us know of your interest and we will try and find some for you. Also out is the LA CHAPELLE D’AUSONE at £870 per 6 bottles IB. Neal Martin gave this 93-95/100 and described it as, ‘just a fabulous Deuxième Vin.’ We were very impressed as well. This has more than a sprinkling of the grand vin magic at a (slightly) more accessible price.

Finally, a second tranche has been released by CHÂTEAU MONTROSE at £740 per 6 bottles IB. This is quite a price-hike from the first tranche (£606 per 6 bottles IB) but if you would like some let us know and we will do our best.

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