A Chiswick tasting of New Zealand Wines

by Andrew Hooper

Wednesday 28th September – 8pm
LEA & SANDEMAN, 167 Chiswick High Road W4 2DR

By this time we shall be in the midst of the Rugby World Cup and immersed, therefore, in all things Kiwi.  So, thought I, if the bandwagon has enough room why not jump aboard and spend a couple of hours showcasing our excellent selection of New Zealand wines. 

It being New Zealand there will, inevitably, be some Sauvignon Blanc on show.  Probably from Marlborough too.  But we will take you beyond the grassy, gooseberry charms of the such and tempt you with other New Zealand Sauv Blonks from other bits of New Zealand and attempt to prove that they don’t all taste the same.  Alongside there will be a light seasoning of other white grape varieties.  As far as red wines go, again, there is an “of course”, this time Pinot Noir, of which you simply cannot have too much, but we will find space for a few Kiwi non-Pinot Noir reds.

The tasting takes place at our Chiswick branch and the fun starts at 8pm as the shop closes (a lock-in at a wine shop, what a joyous prospect!).  If you’ve not been to one of our tastings before, it’s all very informal – we give you a tasting sheet and a glass and open lots of bottles for you; there’s no stuffy lecture, no over persuasive sales talk, and no wine ponciness; just you, your taste buds and your opinions.

All we require for this cornucopia of Kiwiness is £15 a head, a £15 that we will gladly hand back to you when you buy £50 or more of wine on the night.  Call us to reserve your place – 020 8995 7355.  Space is limited in the shop, so there will be a limit on numbers, making booking in advance a necessity.  Please note that places cannot be reserved without payment – issuing a vague willingness to attend will not constitute “a booking”.

See you there…