2011 Bordeaux – and they are off (on holiday again)

by Charles Lea

France has a day off tomorrow, so we may have seen the last releases before next Monday. This afternoon saw the two junior wines from the Cheval Blanc stable take the the track. I liked both La Tour du Pin and Quinault l’Enclos, and the prices are not mad for the quality they are achieving here. Read my note on Quinault in particular for a bit of background.

Also worth having a look at my lists of recommendations:-

Recommended Médoc & Graves
Recommended Right Bank

These lists are updated whenever I get a moment. They are intended to be for the drinkers who want to put these wines away for future drinking pleasure rather than with an investment eye, but there’s not much point in buying wines en primeur if they will be available at the same price later, so I try to restrict to wines I think either need to be bought now because they will simply not be available later, or for wines which will be more expensive to buy further down the line.