Terras d’Alter December baker’s dozen offer

by Charles Lea

Many of our customers have been very happy to be introduced to the great value wines from Terras d’Alter over the last year. Obviously we would like even more people to try them, and unsurprisingly so would the winemaker, Peter Bright. Peter’s Aussie origins are evident in the fresh fruit and clean brightness of all of these wines. There is varietal character well-expressed, and more too – mineral whites with class and length, reds with juicy fruit and fine tannins with a drinkability rare in Portugal. Peter is no blow-in blow-out flying winemaker; he has been making wine in Portugal since 1982, and he certainly knows his stuff.

Until the end of the year Peter is offering our customers, though us, a free extra bottle on every full case of all his varietal range (Viognier, Alavarino and Verdelho in white, Alicante Bouchet, Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro and Aragonez in red) as well as the Terras d’Alter Tinto. In addition we have decided to offer two mixed cases, one of reds and one of whites, with an extra bottle of his next range ‘up the scale’ the Reserva red and white. This is a great opportunity to try the range and each case is conveniently just over the minimum order for free delivery. But beware, we are coming to the end of the year quicker than you think – the cut-off for guaranteed delivery outside London before Christmas is midnight on Sunday 16th December.

Check out the full offer, but don’t miss these two mixed 13-bottle cases.


3 bottles 2011 TERRA D’ALTER BRANCO Terras d’Alter
3 bottles 2011 ALVARINO Terras d’Alter
3 bottles 2010 VERDELHO Terras d’Alter
3 bottles 2011 VIOGNIER Terras d’Alter
1 bottle 2011 TERRA D’ALTER BRANCO RESERVA Terras d’Alter

A selection of all Peter Bright’s brilliant value crisp dry whites (at the ‘case’ prices) comes with a FREE BOTTLE of the RESERVA BRANCO, all for £103.05


3 bottles 2010 TERRA D’ALTER TINTO Terras d’Alter
3 bottles 2011 ALFROCHEIRO Terras d’Alter
3 bottles 2009 ARAGONEZ Terras d’Alter
3 bottles 2008 ALICANTE BOUSCHET Terras d’Alter
1 bottl 2009 TERRA D’ALTER TINTO RESERVA Terras d’Alter
Try all of Peter Bright’s immensely drinkable varietal Alentejo reds (at the ‘case’ prices) and get a FREE BOTTLE of the RESERVA TINTO.