Leo Felici’s very full cup – new awards and harvest news

by Charles Lea

We had a great email from Leopardo Felici last week, who, if he knew the English expression, would say his cup is brimming over. As it is he expresses himself with such clarity and is so obviously so happy that we really have to publish as it comes:-

“the harvest is over since few days now.
We are very happy with it.
In the last month we had great day-night temperature excursions and this allowed the grapes to keep a great acidity and perfect purfums.
We harvested as well a very good quantity.
We are back to the 2010 quantity level after the last two years with lower yields, due to climatic conditions.
We foresee elegant wines, with good alcool level, very interesting acidities and intense nouse.
In general we expect to have this 2013 vintage very similar to the 2006 and 2004 vintages.
We are very satisfied with the first taste and analysis.
Moreover, I was to the 3 bicchieri consignation award event for Il Cantico 2010 and we received the news that the Andrea Felici Classico reached the 3 glasse final.
So the Classico received the two red glasses.
I cannot ask more!”
2012-VERDICCHIO-CLASSICO-SUPERIORE-Andrea-Felici-Lea and Sandeman-Post

This last bit is about the fact that his top cuvée 2010 IL CANTICO DELLA FIGURA Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Andrea Felici, won the prestigious ‘three glasses’ (tre bicchiere) award from the Gambero Rosso published ‘Vini d’Italia guide this year, which we already knew, but what we did not know was that his basic cuvée 2012 VERDICCHIO CLASSICO SUPERIORE Andrea Felici, which we have been singing the praises of all summer, was also in the ‘taste-off’ for this award, and only narrowly lost. It therefore won ‘two glasses’, and they are red to signify that it is such good value for money.

Another reason to give it a go!

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