Victoria Moore loves Sipsmith VJOP – no surprise there then!

by Charles Lea

Sam Galsworthy, one of the founding trio at Sipsmith distillery on our home turf in Chiswick, has emailed me (having just touched down in Japan) somewhat excitedly with the news that his latest release, the VERY JUNIPERY OVER PROOF (VJOP) has been given the taste endorsement of the doyenne of Gin tasters, Victoria Moore.

Sipsmith London Dry GinSIPSMITH-Sloe-Gin_90x235_6411SIPSMITH-Damson-Vodka_90x235_6740Obviously we still have the original London Dry Gin and the Sloe Gin and Damson Vodka

But clearly the new baby is one to get excited about. Victoria wrote about it on her blog, Planet Victoria:-

“How was it?

In a word, superb. In a few more words, this is indeed a gin for juniper-fanatics, and I count myself as one. Just love the curving BOOM of the weighty juniper botanical in this. The high alcohol (it’s 57.7%) has the same effect as turning up the bass on a stereo, amplifying that lovely earthy spice. There’s a lovely, mace-like, bark-like scent to this one too, though I should probably stop sniffing it at my desk at 10am. Let’s go back to last night. Last night it also passed the G&T test, though mixing Sipsmith V.J.O.P.  in my usual 50:50 ratio had me gasping and reaching for top-up tonic. Which is a good thing as it means you can have a fizzier G&T without losing juniper. Nice one.

Around £38, available from Lea & Sandeman’