2015 Bordeaux – ‘Multi-Format’ cases on offer for some wines

by Charles Lea

Undecided as to what bottle size you want? Do something different and order a ‘multiformat’ case. These cases are available for only a few wines, but they are rather fun. You get 4 normal 75cl bottles, 2 magnums and one double-magnum all the the same wooden case. It is the same volume as a 12 bottle case (9 litres of wine), but can be enjoyed over a longer period of time as the bigger bottles have greater ageing potential.

Pedesclaux Coffret openLook out for the ‘multiformat’ case size option on the detail pages for each wine (Click the size option dropdown), but so far Pedesclaux and Latour Martillac are available in this case size.

Multiformat Case