Pape Clément 2016 “one of the raciest, silkiest wines I have ever tasted here!”

by Charles Lea

‘a more classic style’ of Pape Clément red, says Neal Martin (95-97), while Galloni found it ‘one of the raciest, silkiest wines I have ever tasted here’ (93-96), and that ‘it is the wine’s balance that is most remarkable’. Jane Anson, writing for Decanter notes that this is ‘a step-change in many ways from the vintages where Pape Clément went all-out for power’ (94).

Our own notes from two tastings still found it quite a big dense style, like James Molesworth of the Wine Spectator who calls it ‘a big wine’, and maybe more in line with the first bottle Neal Martin tried which he said ‘felt a little overdone’, but we finish our note with ‘but in its own terms it works’, so if you are a fan of the Chateau, go for it!

Also out today is Meyney, which we did not find particularly remarkable this year and we suggest you’d be better off buying the really excellent 2014 for £210 a case IB.

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