2016 Bordeaux – D’Issan, ‘a lovely classic Margaux’ Jane Anson (95/100)

by Edward Richardson

Chateau D’ISSAN has been released at £285 per 6 bottles IB. The estate’s old vines meant it coped better than some of its Margaux neighbours in the long, dry summer. As a result, this isn’t a wine that’s obviously ripe and luscious, it’s much more classical and refined in style. There’s a cool elegance here that is very D’Issan – more Audrey Hepburn than Marilyn Monroe. As Neal Martin says, this is a ‘beautiful D’Issan‘ and ‘a classic Margaux through and through‘ (93-95/100). Also out is D’Issan’s second wine BLASON D’ISSAN at £227 per 12 bottles IB. This showed plenty of the essence of this fine estate and is a very good value Margaux falling well within our price estimate.

Also out is CANON LA GAFFELIÈRE at £387 per 6 bottles IB. We found this really ripe, thick and heady. There is real intensity here and it will need plenty of time to settle down. Nevertheless, Neal Martin sees great potential here. He scored it 93-95/100 and praised its ‘cerebral aromatics‘ which he felt were ‘wired directly into the olfactory senses.’

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