Ros茅 for Summer – order now for when you get to the beach

by Charles Lea

You may have already spotted the article in the Saturday Telegraph which featured their correspondent Victoria Moore with a huge bottle of L&S’s smash-hit, quintessential Provence ros茅 MiP* (Made in Provence) from Domaine Saint Lucie:- :-

Photo 漏 Andrew Crowley – The Daily Telegraph 16th June 2012


Victoria wrote “For me, Provencale ros茅 IS summer. This one is superb: as delicately refreshing as it is vanishingly pale but also tenacious so that a sense of wild strawberries, sandalwood and hay lingers long after you鈥檝e swallowed. I much prefer it to MiP鈥檚 more expensive 鈥減remium鈥 cuv茅e. What鈥檚 more it comes in crazy, St Tropez yacht鈥憇cale, quench the thirst of the Riviera, ginormous bottles too 鈥 拢26.95 for a magnum (1.5 litres); 拢65.75 for a jeroboam (three litres) and, left, 拢187.75 for a stonking six-litre methuselah.” (all these prices discounted if you buy the equivalent of a case of more)

锘縄t’s not the only ros茅 we stock, although its overwhelming popularity sometimes makes it seem so! On my visit to the estate last autumn, I was even treated to a flypast but the Patrouille de France – the French equivalent of the Red Arrows – a fitting聽salute to聽of the view if this Provence icon of a mountain, the Mont Saint Victoire, at the foot of which the vines of Domaine Sainte Lucie lie. (scroll down!)