2012 Bordeaux primeurs – recent releases

by Charles Lea

2012 Bordeaux primeurs – recent releases

Yesterday and today saw more mostly quite low-key offering being made – some are lower than current vintages, but really not sufficiently big brands or low prices to fire this lacklustre market.

If you are buying to drink, and especially if you have your own cellar to put them in on arrival, taking advantage of our low cost duty-paid delivery, there are some wines here which you are going to think bargains when you pull them out in as little as five years time – like Claire Villars’ La Gurgue and Ferrière, two cracking wines offered at prices which work out at around £15 and £24 per bottle including all charges and VAT.


D’Armailhac and Clerc Milon, from the Mouton stable, are offered at prices which compare favourably with other vintages on the market. I tasted both these wines very well this year.

A couple of other Margaux of note today – Labegorce, which did not show terribly well when David Porter and I tasted (separately), but the other critics’ notes are unanimous in their praise, and this is a property that has offered real value in the last couple of vintages. And then there’s du Tertre, which is in the usual slightly chunky style, but good.

Finally we have all the Gérard Perse wines – all except Pavie itself that is.