2013 Harvest in Montalcino – report from Fuligni

by Charles Lea

Roberto Guerrini-Fuligni reported from Fuligni in Montalcino on the 9th October:-

‘Harvest 2013 is just finished, a few days ago, (it took 7 days to pick about 12 hectares) and I have in my hands the analytical dates of a great vintage. Some data, like the extracts will be available in some weeks,  but we can still see a great wine that goes from 13,5 up to 14 in alcohol with excellent ph and very good total acidity from 5.8 to 6.2. A high acidity then, (as I like it)  that is typical of Sangiovese and also a guarantee of longevity and lasting colour intensity. We are almost sure that we will make a riserva, using, as usual, the grapes that come from the oldest vineyards, that naturally produce a high level of concentration.

Also aesthetically the grapes looked wonderful, and very healthy. The total quantity that we have picked are more or less as in the average of about 50 ql per hectare. Difficult to say more at the moment, during the next months I will inform you about the evolution. Unfortunately not all the vinegrowers have yet picked all their grapes and the last three days have been rainy, but I am confident that everyone has yet in the cellar the best of the harvest.’