Lynch Bages and the roundup of this week’s 2013 Bordeaux releases

by Charles Lea


The second week of releases from the 2013 primeur campaign is over, and Lynch Bages has emerged as the first wine to ‘work’ in any real sense. The Château has released 65% less wine than last year, and has dropped its price a little. It is offered at £550 in bond a case (six-bottle cases available at half this, and other sixes to order with usual small premiums) is fairly significantly cheaper than the current price of the 2007 (around £720). I can’t say it’s a screaming bargain at this price, but one knows they will get the élevage right (which is going to be critical this year) so this comes recommended in a low voice/lower case fashion. The small volume makes this one to act on if you want to be sure of getting it.

We are still a little tardy getting our full notes up on the site, but these will be added as soon as possible – blame Vinitaly. I have not noted the Sauternes releases yet, but there’s no rush here, decisions can wait until they are all out.

Others wines to hit the market but mostly failed to stir it are listed in ‘Recent Releases‘.

Neal Martin’s vintage introduction is definitely worth a read. We can only hope some of the château owners are reading it too.

Have a good weekend.