Will Lyons in the Wall Street Journal on Le Petit Roy 12ème

by Charles Lea

“A real find. French winemaker Jean-Marie Royer makes sublime Châteaneuf-du-pape, but this is straight vin de table. Gloriously fresh, it is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, with bright red fruits, cracked pepper and a grippy finish.”

Will Lyons in the Wall Street Journal Europe 17/6/2014

What’s he talking about? The wine that was our WOTW on the 28th of May:

LE PETIT ROY 12ème Année Domaine Jean Royer

Petit Roy '12eme Année'


£13.75 single bottle (just £12.50 at our case price)

’Le Petit Roy’ is simply a Vin de France because it is made up of eveything that does not make it into Jean-Marie’s Châteaneuf cuvées, and as such carries no vintage on the label, only ’12eme année’ (which is a clue). It is deceptively easy to drink, packed with ripe peppery fruit and a lovely, almost old-fashioned ‘liquidity’, making it so very gluggable. Tannins soft enough to be drunk cool, so don’t hesitate to stick it in the fridge.’  L&S