Bernard Baudry CHINON Les Granges – it’s time to dig out the corkscrew

by Andrew Hooper

A lighter Loire red may sound like an odd wine to mention in the cold January months, but the 2013 Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges fits the bill in a few respects:

Its 11.5% ABV pays lip service to the notion of a dry January as does its availability in half bottles, both of which mean you can pour in a relatively guilt free fashion and for the even less abstemious – also top up on a week night.

Don’t let the lower alcohol level put you off however, there’s plenty of depth and dimension to this really well made wine, a treat on the nose and in the glass.  A great example of Loire valley Cabernet Franc from one of our longest standing producers.

2013 CHINON Les Granges Domaine Bernard Baudry    

‘From vines in the valley on a free-draining sandy gravel. Bright purple colour. Very precise floral (heady dark roses) and fruit (damson and blueberry) nose and this is followed on palate with a dryly expansive juicy purple floral flavour.’ L&S

2013 CHINON Les Granges Domaine Bernard Baudry

Grapes: Cabernet Franc   Village: Chinon

Origin: France, Loire   ABV: 11.5%


75cl Bottles £12.95/£11.75 case price

Half bottles £6.95/£6.50 case price

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Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, Chinon lies just south of the river between Angers and Tours. Whilst Chinons can come in a range of weights, the Les Granges is the classic light, bright and bouncily fruited red – crisp raspberry flavours, with a touch of cut grass wafting in the air; like a Beaujolais version of claret, or is that the other way round? It’s the sort of red that, in the Summer, you can drink chilled but, at this time of year, just popping the cork out in front of the telly with something intelligent to say to your significant other, it’s a glass of civilised and relaxed but flirtatious fun.

Half Bottles?

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