Tio Pepe Fino ‘En Rama’ 2015 Limited Release

by David Porter

Not just for Sherry ‘aficionados’ but also drinkers of great wines and lovers of gastronomy…’

En Rama Sherry from Tio Pepe

This year’s label (far right) is another classic from the Tio Pepe archives

We have just had word from Jerez that the painstaking selection process for this year’s Tio Pepe Fino ‘En Rama’ has begun, this is a call we love receiving – a sure sign that Spring is here and summer must be on the way!

En rama’ is the local jargon used by workers in the Bodega to refer to wine in its unrefined and most natural state.  With en rama there is a longer list of what is not done to the sherry rather than what the winemaker does do – there is no stabilisation, no clarification nor any filtering prior to bottling. Made in strictly limited quantities, Tio Pepe Fino En Rama is a pure, ‘un-mucked about with’ Sherry that is best drunk at its freshest, within six months of bottling – so, perfect summer quaffing!

Our Offer:

For limited period only £14.50 per bottle when you buy 6 bottles

As ever, winemaker Antonio Flores will select from the two oldest Tio Pepe soleras, Rebollo and Constancia, which he feels represent best the style and the quality we have become accustomed to.This year, which is the 6th release of Tio Pepe’s En Rama, the sherry will be bottled in the middle of next month and our limited consignment will land in our warehouse on the 30th of April.

The Rebollo bodega is the tiny room where Tio Pepe was first made in the mid-1800s.  It is very dark and humid and creates super-charged fino with a powerful fresh almond, yeasty taste. Constancia is always more elegant and adds texture and finesse. Antonio has pre-selected his favourite 100 casks (from an initial 600) – As ever, he has targeted particular ‘butts’ (sherry barrels) where the conditions have resulted in an enhanced growth of ‘flor’, the particular flowery growth of yeast on the surface of the wine which gives exceptional finesse and delicacy of aromas to this rare wine.  Don’t miss out – order now to avoid disappointment!


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You can BUY individual bottles in any of our shops (from Friday the 1st of May) for £15.95 per bottle OR for only £14.50 when you buy 6 bottles (or as part of any mixed dozen from our full range).

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Tio Pepe En Rama

The Tio Pepe Bodega