Jancis’ ‘Wine of the Week’ is 2014 Chablis Fourchaume Boudin

by Charles Lea

We are extremely pleased that Jancis Robinson has selected Chablis Fourchaume 2014, from L&S long-term suppliers Adhémar & Francis Boudin, as her ‘Wine of the Week’ on www.JancisRobinson.com.

Adhémar et Francis Boudin

Adhémar et Francis Boudin

Here is part of Jancis’ report:

‘Two of the finest examples of 2014 Chablis to be shown this week were made by Adhémar and Francis Boudin (pictured above by Jon Wyand), and shown at Lea & Sandeman’s tasting last week at the new wine club 67 Pall Mall.

I particularly loved Dom Adhémar et Francis Boudin, Fourchaume Premier Cru 2014 Chablis, whose intense aroma, a heady quintessentially Chablis infusion of stony river bed with a hint of wet wool, came soaring out of the glass so that I smelt it almost from across the room. This was already delicious but I’m sure it will become even more so over the next decade – and the price seems almost ridiculously low (£17.95 btl)

Dom Adhémar et Francis Boudin, Fourchaume Premier Cru 2014 Chablis

Dom Adhémar et Francis Boudin, Fourchaume Premier Cru 2014 Chablis

The only other wine of theirs I have been able to taste was from their other premier cru, Dom Adhémar et Francis Boudin, Homme Mort Premier Cru 2014 Chablis that is perhaps a bit more typical of the vintage and much more tightly wound. I would keep this another two to four years before broaching it. (Incidentally, the style of the wines could not be less like that of a boudin, blood sausage when black.)

I have not tasted their regular Chablis 2014, to which the prices above refer, but their Fourchaume 2014 is only £3 more than the regular Chablis at Lea & Sandeman, making it £17.95 for a bottle of the ‘most energetic, exciting and approachable Chablis you could imagine.’


You can buy both wines here on our main website priced under our normal terms as individual bottles or cases.


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