NSPCC City Fine Wine Challenge 2016: £186,500 raised

by Ed H-B

As the NSPCC celebrates the 30th anniversary of Childline, we were delighted to be involved in one of the longer-running fundraising events for the NSPCC for our tenth year. This year’s City Fine Wine Challenge raised a wonderful £186,500, so a big thank you to all who attended who make our work for this event so rewarding.

The CWFC is an evening of wine and fun with a bit of competition thrown in. It’s a fast-paced quiz (thank you star quizmaster Tim Atkin MW!) with questions loosely based on the wines being tasted.

While some questions are as ‘simple’ as choosing the grape variety from four alternatives, others conjured up by L&S resident quiz and trivia expert Andrew Hooper can be a little more random. This year Thibault-Liger Belair’s Moulin à Vent inspired this question and answer:

“How did Philippe the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, describe Gamay in 1395?”

a) the juice of Kings

b) peasant’s Pinot Noir

c) a very bad and disloyal plant

d) a white wine coloured red

The quiz master also included 50:50s, wild cards and even answers could be bought, raising yet more money for this excellent cause!

The Quiz Wines

The 9 wines in this year’s CFWC tasting quiz can be found on our website here with their corresponding tasting notes and prices. Please note that due to popularity, some of the wines may have limited quantities remaining, but please do give us a call on 020 7244 0522 and we can recommend something in a similar style.

The Lea & Sandeman pouring team

NSPCC City Fine Wine - Andy Briggs

Chairman of the committee Andy Briggs explains the importance of the funds raised for the continued expansion of the NSPCC’s work in schools

NSPCC City Fine Wine: Tim Atkin MW

Tim Atkin MW introduces the quiz, extolling the virtues of the new Maquina e Tabla white

NSPCC City Fine Wine

Charlie Ross exhorts a bidder in the live auction which rounded off the event.

Best wishes,

P.s. Our February Sale ends at midnight this evening. Next month’s producer focus is RL Legras – one of our top grower champagne producers.