Czech Pinots featured by Harry Eyres Country Life last week

by Charles Lea

Country Like mastheadHarry Eyres was very taken by our Stapleton & Springer Pinot Noirs at our spring press tasting. and mentions as such in last week’s edition of Country Life magazine: ‘Delightful surprises are perhaps the best aspect of of the wine-writer’s profession… Finding a trio of remarkable Pinot Noirs from Moravia has been the highlight of this spring’s tastings.’

Harry praises Moravian Pinots for their ‘distinctly Burgundian characteristics – subtle aromas and complex flavour’. He continues ‘The leading winery in the field is Pinot Noir specialist Stapleton & Springer, co-founded by the former American Ambassador to the Czech Republic Craif Stapleton, his brother Benjamin, and the wine-maker Jaroslav Springer. The wines, made organically, have a lovely naturalness and aromatic complexity: Cvrte Pinot Noir 2013 has both strawberry softness and ripe rootiness; Rouci Pinot Noir is bigger and firmer, with irony minerality.’

Stapleton & Springer Pinot Noirs

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‘Even more unusual is the Stapleton & Springer Orange Pinot Noir 2014. This is a rosé of rooty Pinot Noir character and sumptuous texture. Emphatically not for the Provence sunglasses and bikini brigade.’

Marvellous Moravian Reds