2018 Annual Trade Tasting – L&S Team Highlights

by Lucy Marcuson

Tower of London - Lea and Sandeman Annual Tasting

Lea & Sandeman Annual Trade Tasting – Trinity House | September 13th

On Thursday 13th September, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Lea & Sandeman by welcoming 22 producers who poured 175 wines to trade customers and press. With so many wines to navigate, we have included a few of the team’s favourites below to help you find the wine you need on your list.


Sancerre ‘Silex’ 2017 Domaine Delaporte – Phil Weeks

‘We’ve been lucky enough to taste this wine a couple of times in the last month and every time I have been left spell-bound! It is the way that the wine builds on the palate that is so captivating, the nose is classic, herb inflected, classic gooseberry and ripe citrus. But then on the palate, tarragon, fennel, guava, rich minerality, with a gorgeous textural weight. It lasts and lasts on the finish, never losing its focus and drive. Simply stunning.’


2011 SCHOENENBOURG Grand Cru, Domaine Marcel Deiss – Angus Barcroft

‘One of my all-time favourite wines from Lea & Sandeman is the 2004 Altenburg Grand Cru. It was simply stunning and I haven’t really tasted anything like it since. Until our tasting on the 13th September. Marie-Hélène from Deiss was showcasing the range (all of which are awesome) but the one that really turned my head was the 2011 Schoenenbourg. It had that immediate kerosene-like aroma, which I so love about developing Riesling. It is super complex on the nose with notes of honey, ripe apple and spice. There is noticeable residual sugar here but the mineral drive and acidity, which Deiss achieves with all his wines, is simply extraordinary. Still very much a baby though. Well worth putting away and trying this again in 5-10 years.’


2016 LA RESERVE D’O ROUGE Terrasses de Larzac, Domaine de La Réserve d’O – Will Edwards

‘This time of the year, with the seasons changing, I look forward to enjoying spicy, hearty, warming reds. Although the day of our Annual Tasting was more like June than September, my favourite wine of the day was one that I can see myself enjoying a few more times this Autumn and Winter. Domaine de La Réserve d’O’s two reds could not be more different. The Bilbo is fresh, juicy, piquant and very friendly but I slightly preferred the La Reserve D’O Rouge for its power, deep scented fruit-driven core and its warming spice. It is plump and polished, but never over-bearing. The wind-blown limestone plateau evidently keeps everything in check here and it maintains a lovely ‘drinkability’. Roll on Autumn…’


2016 Garnacha Terrazas de Serapia, Maquina y Tabla – Derek Robertson

‘Oriol, Susana & the wines of Maquina y Tabla with their striking hipster labels have made a big impact since they first appeared a couple of years ago. It has been fascinating to watch and taste the evolving styles of the wines as Oriol gets to grips with exactly what the vineyards are capable of doing. The 2015 Garnacha had a certain wildness about it that wasn’t quite fully formed however in 2016 he has struck gold with this sumptuous expression of my favourite grape variety, perfumed and violet scented on the nose it has a lightness of touch on the palate that makes you want to reach for another glass of juicy raspberry and violet infused wine. This is the essence of drinkability.’

If you weren’t able to join us, there were many more wines available. Please contact us for the full list or for any further recommendations:

Email: sales@leaandsandeman.co.uk
Tel: 020 7221 1982