Wine deliveries

Merry-christmas-lea and sandeman

Merry Christmas and Last Orders for country deliveries by midnight tonight!

By on 17/12/2013

For London deliveries the cut-off remains midnight this Saturday the 21st December.

For those of you lucky enough to live within range of one of our shops, or to be visiting London some time in the next week, our shops remain ready to welcome you up until 5 o’clock on Christmas Eve and help you make your Christmas drinking just that extra bit special, and we very much look forward to seeing you.

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Looking forward to seeing you at Lea & Sandeman

By on 13/12/2013

For west Londoners tonight is Barnes Late Night Shopping evening, when the High Street will be buzzing and as usual the best mulled wine will be at Lea & Sandeman - come on down and enjoy the festive atmosphere - it's only going to be raining lightly, which, if this morning is anything to go, by means unnoticeably, especially if you have some of our famous mulled wine inside you.

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Christmas Wine & Champagne Mixed Case Offers

By on 11/12/2013

There are not many delivery days until Christmas and New Year are upon us. Even if you’re sat outside the Christmas melée, then why not send a gift to absent friends / family or to anyone for whom you cannot find the perfect electronic gadget or iTunes voucher? They’d so much rather have wine, or gin, or sake, or Port, or whisky…

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Where’s my wine day… The team that delivers

By on 24/12/2012

6 am Christmas Eve and all the warehouse and delivery team are at our Battersea warehouse, where the vans are being loaded with the last runs before the Christmas break. And they've done it! On Friday things were looking good first thing, with all the runs fully routed.

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Londoners, there is still time…

By on 19/12/2012

The deadline for deliveries before Christmas outside London is past, but if you live in (central-ish) London, you can still order online for delivery today (Wednesday), or, if you really insist on taking it to the wire, tomorrow (Thursday). Even then our magnificent warehouse crew will get your wine to you before Christmas.

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Christmas Treats at Lea & Sandeman

By on 25/11/2011

CHRISTMAS TREATS at Lea & Sandeman It’s going to be carnage again in the supermarkets this Christmas, as they advertise eye-wateringly discounted prices for champagnes, whiskies, wines and just about anything else in an attempt to draw customers in through the door.

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