Just how good is Jancis?

By on 11/01/2010

Chris Herbert was among Diploma students asked a five-part question about ‘Commandaria’ in his exam. Neither he nor any of his fellow examinees had ever heard of it, and neither had anyone in our office either, so we thought we would try it out on Jancis…

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Argentine Pinot Noir

By on 09/06/2009

From the world’s most southern vineyards, set in the arid, desert like planes of Patagonia, Bodega Chacra produces three exceptional Pinot Noirs. Owned and headed up by the charming Piero Incisa della Rocchetta, the family famous for their San Guido (Sassicaia) estate in Bolgheri, their pedigree is almost guaranteed… Three cuvées are produced by world renowned winemaker Hans Vinding Diers. The ’55’ (Cincuenta y Cinco) and ’32’ (Treinta y Dos) cuvées are named after the year the vineyards were planted, while a third wine called ‘Barda’ is produced from vines replanted on the original site of the 1932 site, as well as ‘declassified’ grapes from the premium vineyards.

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