2021 Northern Rhône - En Primeur Offer

A vintage of contrasting fortunes and a vintage where it pays to know your producer well; the whites are generally very good to excellent whilst the reds are medium bodied, bright and mostly ready from the get-go. This is a drinker’s vintage, one that will provide immediate pleasure and you can rest assured that we have been thorough as ever in our tasting and selection process.

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This is primarily an offer of 2021s, but while the majority of wines are from 2021, not all our producers release their wines uniformly and so some whites are from 2022. The Duclaux brothers like to release their wines when they are in bottle and are a vintage behind with their 2020s.

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'Looking at 2021, this is the most challenging vintage for the Northern Rhône in decades, and vignerons had the proverbial kitchen sink thrown at them, battling devastating frost, hail, abundant precipitation, and a lack of sunshine. However, after five sunny, at times scorching, vintages, 2021 was a welcome break for the vines and is reminiscent of vintages from the 1980s and 1990s, with much lower alcohol levels and chaptalization being common throughout the Northern Rhône.'
Jeb Dunnuck

2021 Vintage Report

2021 will forever be known as the frost vintage. It hit the Rhône hard but it hit hardest in the North. The nights of 7th and 8th April will not be forgotten quickly by the vignerons and domaines of the whole region, Cote-Rôtie and Condrieu in particular being hit by a brutal frost.

I spoke with Graeme Bott of Domaine Bott on the morning of the 9th as news filtered through of a once-in-a-generation frost that had swept through France. 'I'm lost for words, we won't know the full outcome for some time, but fingers crossed we will have some fruit'.

In the end Graeme was one of the fortunate ones and he has fashioned some lovely wines from a very difficult year. Compare this with Isabelle & Henry Guiller at Clos de la Bonnette who lost everything in 2021 and you have an idea as to quite how bad the frost was (they have some brilliant wines coming through in 2022). It seems so unfair that those who can least afford it get dealt the worse hand.

It wasn't just the frost that caused sleepless nights for the hardest working vignerons. Mother nature threw everything at them in 2021; odium, mildew, hailstorms and an a fairly average summer all added to the woes. This should be seen as a vintage that doesn’t work, but remarkably it does.

The whites are good to excellent – lively and and fresh wines are key here, and the reds are more in line with Burgundy, offering bright pure Syrah with firm but generous tannin – all are quite low in alcohol but with refreshing acidity.

You can safely purchase and consume these wines, confident in the knowledge that these incredibly hard-working men and women in the Northern Rhône have faced down adversity & brought all their winemaking skills to the fore. It has been quite some run of vintages and all good things come to an end, but this is a vintage for now, leave the 20’s 19’s 18’s 17’s in the cellar and tuck into some very generous reds and some extremely good whites from 21.
Derek Robertson, Lea & Sandeman Rhône Buyer

Arrival in the UK

The wines will arrive in the UK by this Autumn (2023). This is an opportunity to secure the wines at the lowest possible price before they reach the general market. We guarantee you will find some exciting options for your cellar.

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