Summer Selections: Our top wine picks for Summer

by Charles Lea

Summer Selections

As summer approaches it’s time to start thinking about stocking up for the warmer weather ahead (fingers crossed…)

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by choice, we’ve made a few carefully selected lists to help you choose some great summer wines. These are all wines we think you should have in the ready wine rack this summer, all for different reasons, by the pool, on the beach, round the barbecue on a cool evening, and we’ve had a devil of the job getting the list down to this few, although we recognise that you will still have to select too.

Obviously many of you are still after MiP and the other Rosés, but consider adding a few bottles of something else while you are buying at the case price.

There are 18 white and 18 reds, split into sixes – ‘under a tenner’, ‘sweet spot’ (fantastic value – but they are mostly over a tenner – sort of what happens when the tax take just keeps going up), and ‘treats’, which go up to nearly £25.

Summer WIne Selection