Bicocchi Alicante – delicious organic red which can be drunk from the fridge

by Charles Lea

This week’s Wine of the Week is the perfect summer ‘fridge’ red.  It is one of the first three wines we have imported from Bicocchi, a family farm near Massa Marittima in the Tuscan Maremma.

Carlo Lodovico Bicocchi

Carlo Lodovico Bicocchi at the property with his remarkable rose garden.

We were introduced to this estate by an enthusiastic friend who said that Carlo Lodovico is a bit of a perfectionist, or … umm… control freak, ‘you could eat your lunch off his tractors’, we were told, and this is reflected in the attention to detail in every aspect of the wine production.

Cardaelis (named after Cardaelis Cardaelis, the goldfinch, which is a bit of a symbol of this organic farm) is an Alicante, not the red-fleshed Alicante Bouschet, but a kind of Grenache/Garnacha. They have chosen to use this name to make it clear how different the style is, because this is nothing like most Mediterranean Grenache.


2012 CARDAELIS Alicante Toscana Azienda Agricola Bicocchi

£10.95 per bottle at the case price

‘Very pale ruby, round and absolutely silky mouthfeel which seems to be the
signature of wines from this estate, red or white. Grown on hard clay. Fresh and
altogether delightful, this juicily red fruit and cherry-flavour wine could be
drunk, and Lodovico suggests, with roast fish, and could be drunk from the
fridge if you like that sort of thing, as the tannins are very supple, making it the perfect summer standby red.’
(L&S – April 2014)

Get some in, and while you are at it don’t miss the other two we have shipped so far, a bright and fruity/saline white:


2013 GALANT Vermentino Toscana

 £10.75 per bottle at the case price

‘Weighty, saline, aromatic, very silky feel – well-done, with some real class and flavour depth and remaining very fresh.’ L&S (May 2014)

and a remarkable zippy Sangiovese which makes a great change from Chianti styles:


2011 ARMONIA DI MORETA Sangiovese Monteregio di Massa Marittima

 £11.50 per bottle at the case price

‘100% Sangiovese. Silky as all the Bicocchi wines, great ‘weightless’ purity, a very attractive easy style, with a good tautness of acidity to keep it fresh and more-ish.’ L&S (May 2014)