Wine of the Week – Bowled over by 2010 Caburnio di Tenuta Monteti (for only) 拢12.95

by Charles Lea

“I was bowled over…”

Last week聽we got an order for this wine聽from Exeter College Oxford, with the remark from Dr Hanneke Wilson, coach to the multi-competition-winning Oxford Blind Tasting Team:-

‘I聽was bowled over by the CABURNIO 2010 (Tenuta Monteti) in my recent order …聽it would make an excellent addition to the College cellar.’

So why not to yours too? Ready to drink, although undoubtedly with bags of life left, this is a remarkable value wine, and the best vintage yet. We wrote about it in passing when making the recent offer on its big brother ‘Monteti’, but it really deserves its own moment in the sun:-

2010 CABURNIO Tenuta Monteti

2010 CABURNIO Tenuta Monteti拢14.50 single bottle, 拢12.95 per bottle ‘case price’*

You will remember聽from the Monteti post聽that the rocks that were grubbed out of the vineyard, and are now scattered around its perimeter, are the basis of the rather odd label design.

More rocks 1

* ‘Case price’ refers to the discounted price per bottle聽which applies to all orders of 12 bottles or more from L&S, however mixed and including delivery on all orders over 拢100.

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