Happy Thanksgiving! A selection of great thanksgiving wines for tomorrow.

by Andrew Hooper


With apologies to our Canadian friends, who have this done and dusted already, the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving. To them yanks, a time for family and togetherness, to us an excuse to gross out on turkey and trimmings a month early. This dinner needs wine – what dinner doesn’t? – and here’s a few suggestions.

A good turkey calls for Pinot Noir…

Mercurey 1er cru Les Naugues 2010 Paul & Marie Jacqueson     £21.50


Nothing complicated or over complex here – everybody’s got to  like it, not just the winos – but a glass oozing with red berry crisp characters wrapped in a smooth velvet sleeve. Refreshing, classy, attractive and looks the part; old school enough to be proper Burgundy, open enough to be bright cheerful Pinot Noir.

Brodie Estate Pinot Noir 2010 Martinborough     £25.75


Or, for out and out New World Pinot Noir lushness, there is the heavenly Brodie Estate. Martinborough is not just one of the best areas in New Zealand for Pinot Noir, but one of the best areas in the world for Pinot Noir. Bold with plump ripe red berry and young plum fruit, touches of liquorice and a warm sweet finish.

Pazzo 2008 Bacio Divino     £23.95


Experience teaches us that, oddly(?), Americans tend to forswear the fruit of their own land when washing down the Thanksgiving dinner. But, if you feel the need to dangle the stars and stripes across the whole evening, Bacio Divino’s bizarre Sangiovese, Cabernet, Viognier blend will suffice where trad’ Zinfandel might be too bruising. Intense cherry/berry fruits with a velvet touch. Sort of, like a Pinot Noir, only it isn’t.

Pouilly Fuissé 2012 Alliance Vergisson Daniel Barraud     £19.95


And, for the sakes of balance, a white Burgundy that offers delightful balance between the rich texture of tradition and the bright mineral refreshment of the current age.

For those retiring to a comfy corner to talk life, philosophy and utter nonsense with a balloon glass and some close confidents that you haven’t spoken to since last Thanksgiving, allow us to recommend an outstanding small batch Bourbon.

Rowan’s Creek 15yo Bourbon     £49.95


Smooth and round, seductive and silky with a gentle malty sweetness. No Thanksgiving is complete without a bottle of ‘KenTurkey’ bourbon!

All available from your nearest LEA & SANDEMAN store.

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You can see all the wines with tasting notes on our website here.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.