Our top seasonal recommendations: Rhône and Rhône-style warming reds

by Ed H-B
 L&S Seasonal Recommendations

With the clocks back, it’s dark at four. The yowls of Halloween children and fireworks ring in the streets, bonfire smoke hangs in the air and pumpkin pulp squelches underfoot. Time for a starring role for the Rhône and Rhône-style warming reds.

What have we got for you?

A few quirky ones along with the classics: Syrah-Viognier from an Austrian winemaker in the marine climate of the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide, old vine Garnacha from northern Spain, a powerful but elegant Priorat, and an Argentine Malbec and Syrah blend with a decidedly European wine-making style.

Bottoms up!

Again as you might expect, they are all wines to drink all the way to the bottom of the bottle, enjoying every sip, but be prepared to share, as the Wine Gang point out in their note on the Gigondas (15%), this style is not necessarily for breakfast, nor for wimps.