2014 Bordeaux – Clos l’Église, Moulin Saint Georges, La Clotte, Fonbel

by Charles Lea

This morning we were expecting some primeur action, but nothing so far. Yesterday was also surprisingly quiet day on the primeur front, (maybe it was all for us as we had a press tasting all day), though goodness knows what they are all waiting for, but we did have the release of the Garcin Family wines, including Pomerol Clos l’Eglise (£425/12IB), and the lesser wines of the Vauthier (Ausone) family, including cheapy favourite St Emilion Fonbel, (£105/12IB) the mid-range Moulin St Georges (£185/12IB) which as so often gives great value, and the newly added La Clotte,(£320/12IB) a well-sited 4-hectare vineyard in the Vallon de Fongaban, around the corner of the slope from Pavie, that has been making good wines for a number of years and which will undoubtedly make even better wines under the meticulous Vauthiers. One to watch.

The Vineyard of La Clotte,  right at the gates of St Emilion

The Vineyard of La Clotte, right at the gates of St Emilion

The release of the Vauthiers lower-level wines suggests we will not have long to wait for Ausone itself, and yesterday we received an email from Bruno Borie about Ducru Beaucaillou, suggesting that release is not far away either. Rated as one of the wines of the vintage, Ducru is bound to raise some interest – if you want some it might be an idea to let us know now – no obligation and subject to release price.