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CorteAura Franciacorta

A Summer Visit to Franciacorta Producer: Corteaura

By on 17/08/2018

Whilst on holiday in Northern Italy this August, I had the pleasure of visiting our Franciacorta producer, Corteaura. We were treated to a in-depth guided tour by Federico, the estate owner, who explained how he had jumped ship from the accounting world to immerse himself in the world of sparkling wine.

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Lea and Sandeman Visit to Gosset Champagne House

By on 10/11/2017

[caption id="attachment_28973" align="aligncenter" width="800"] The main house of Gosset in Epernay[/caption] Trip to Gosset Champagne: Monday 6th - Tuesday 7th November 2017 What a treat it was to visit the Gosset estate and vineyards in early November. The trip聽comprised聽a聽diverse range of eager folk聽all involved in different areas of the wine trade.

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