The classic fortified wine of Andalucia. Historically, somewhat sweeter and darker in the British market but, now, undergoing a revival with the austere dry and pale Finos and Manzanillas driving the interest. Still remarkable value

More Sherry? Manzanilla La Gitana ‘En Rama’ Hidalgo

By on 19/07/2012

Mas Fino? Por favor! La Gitana Manzanilla Fino 'En Rama', Hidalgo Anybody who bought  Gonzalez Byass' Tio Pepe 'En Rama' this year will know by now what a great wine it is, and will surely be ready for yet more fabulous sherry to drink this summer! Shortly after this year's Tio Pepe release we were offered a tiny quantity of Hidalgo's stunning Manzanilla La Gitana ' En Rama'.

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THE SHERRY REVOLUTION – Gunshots in the vineyards

By on 25/10/2011

THE SHERRY REVOLUTION - Gunshots in the vineyards and the release of GONZALEZ BYASS' stunningly great 'PALMAS' rare old Finos. To coincide with the release of Gonzalez Byass' rare old 'Palmas' Finos, Mauricio Gonzalez invited me, together with a small group of other wine merchants, to Jerez to visit both the Bodegas and vineyards, and take part in a small wild partridge shoot in the 'Bonanza' vineyards, midway between Sanlucar and Trebujena.

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