One seen as an over-producing variety of little appeal with little use but to fill up the “wine lake”, Carignan has had a little bit of a revival as wine makers find, if they keep the yields down on some of the older vines that they forgot to grub up when Carignan became unfashionable, it is capable of producing some rather pleasant, reasonably solid, slightly spicy, slightly rustic red wine. Quite widely grown in the South of France, Spain (where it is known as either Mazuelo or Cariñena) and Sardinia.

Wine of the Week: Bodegas Marco Abella 2007- Loidana – Priorat (Spain)

By on 12/03/2013

As some of you may have picked up - our wine of the week email is about great affordable wines that are ready to drink now. Fortunately for us, one literally walked in through the door recently in the hands of the charming David Marco, the owner of Bodegas Marco Abella in Priorat, which got a definitive thumbs up from us all at our Chelsea shop.

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