South America

Sacrificing wine to the Inca Gods

By on 05/09/2012

Many things have been done to wines over the centuries in the name of improved quality. Much of the world’s best wine, for instance, is poured into oak barrels for various (often surprising) lengths of time. Casks of Madeira used to be shipped to India and back and, even, left out in the rain.

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Lea & Sandeman Pinot Noir – the Wine Gang report

By on 22/03/2012

Lea & Sandeman Pinot Noir - the Wine Gang report A selection of fabulous drinking Pinot Noirs as selected by the Wine Gang in their March report. 'This was in fact a tripartite tasting, with a substantial Nebbiolo flight between the Pinot Noirs and the Sangiovese, but we're putting the spotlight on the latter two this month and will cover the Piedmont reds in a forthcoming report.

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Pinot Perfection: Bodega Chacra

By on 11/12/2011

PINOT PERFECTION Bodega Chacra, Argentina.   When we introduced Bodega Chacra’s Pinot Noirs from Argentina two years ago, they were initially met with some scepticism. How could a country famous for producing monster Malbecs, brimming with rich, ripe fruit and high alcohol possibly produce Pinot Noirs which were anything other than monsters too? Well, Bodega Chacra is quite simply unique.

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