Wine of the week: 2010 Cahors – Cuvée Cèdre Héritage – Pascal Verhaeghe (Malbec)

by Ed H-B

It’s been bitterly cold recently and so very much still a hearty red time of the year for which Pascal’s Cuvée Cèdre Héritage Malbec is an ideal winter warming fireside partner.

Made by the maverick team at Chateau du Cedre – this is made from grapes they buy in rather than grow themselves – 90% Malbec (also known as Cot or Auxerrois) and 10% Merlot. Deep and dark with a big smooth density and good black berry fruit character.

Food recommendation: Pascale advises this wine pairs perfectly with beef, duck breast, confit, cold cuts, cheese…

From its ancestral home of Cahors in the South West France, the 2010 Cuvée Cèdre Héritage is slightly drier and less jammy than it’s Argentinian or Chilean counterparts, but still deep, dark and highly satisfying with an equally pleasing price tag of only £10.50 per bottle or just £9.95 if bought as part of our case price discount*

With the influx of Argentinian and Chilean Malbec wines over the past few years it would be easy to think that the Malbec grape originates from South American wine growing regions, whereas the 2010 Cuvée Cèdre Héritage Malbec is a delightful traditional reminder of the true origins of Malbec.

*You can mix any 12 bottles of wine on our website (or more) to get the ‘case price’ for each bottle.

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