From relative obscurity to World domination in the blink of an eye. Malbec grew up in France, until the 1950’s it was of some importance in Bordeaux, it hangs on in Cahors in South-West France (where it is known as Côt), but to most people Malbec is Argentina. Thriving in the warm vineyards of Mendoza, Malbec with its dark rich fruit, grippy but approachable tannins and oomph has become astoundingly popular. Mostly the stuff of ‘everyday’ drinking and produced in prodigious enough quantity to stock supermarket shelves, although there are ever more examples of more serious Malbec to be found which deserve some serious attention.

98 point Rothschild wine for £125 per 6-pack IB? O Caro Mio!

By on 10/07/2015

We have long been fans of the very impressive wines from the Lafite Rothschild family made in collaboration with the Catena family in Argentina - the name CARO comes from the two families - CAtena and ROthschild. This wine may well represent their best release to date. 2012 CARO, Barons de Rothschild/Catena, Mendoza "Incredible aromas of spice, cedar, walnut and dark berry.

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Malbec World Day – 17th April 2015

By on 16/04/2015

From a standing start, barely four years ago, when nobody had heard of Malbec (indeed, the Argentineans were busy pulling it up in favour of sexier varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon), Malbec is now completely and totally ‘in’.

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Wine of the week: 2010 Cahors – Cuvée Cèdre Héritage – Pascal Verhaeghe (Malbec)

By on 26/02/2013

It's been bitterly cold recently and so very much still a hearty red time of the year for which Pascal's Cuvée Cèdre Héritage Malbec is an ideal winter warming fireside partner. Made by the maverick team at Chateau du Cedre - this is made from grapes they buy in rather than grow themselves - 90% Malbec (also known as Cot or Auxerrois) and 10% Merlot.

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