Italy comes to Charing Cross Road: Highlights from the L&S Italian Tasting

by Caroline Tanner

The Italian tasting is a moment in the L&S calendar that we all look forward to. This year, on a dull February day, a gang of Italian winemakers descended on Foyles bookshop, bringing a splash of Mediterranean/Alpine sunshine to London.

Nicola Lenci from Fattoria de Magliano

This year, 28 of our winemaking friends, were able to join us, pouring over 100 Italian wines for the 200 guests who joined us throughout the day and evening. The wines plotted out a journey throughout 12 different regions – from Sicily right up to the Northern Border in Alto Adige.

Franciacorta from Corteaura

Alongside classic styles, and familiar blends there were some regional curiosities and indigenous varieties providing a talking point for even the most well-versed Italian wine connoisseur; namely the lively Timorasso from La Colombera in Derthona, a Piedmontese Viognier from Marziano Abbona and the ancient Susumaniello grown by Cantine de Falco, right in the ‘heel of Italy’, Puglia.

Christoph from Le PianeWines from Visintini









Also in the line-up of bottles were the first few samples of the new Brunello vintage from Fuligni, Padelletti, and Collemattoni. Thanks to near-perfect weather conditions 2019 has already been received with great enthusiasm – with both Fuligni and Padelletti scooping their highest ever scores. You can sign up to these and further Italian pre-Shipment releases here. For an interesting comparison, Fuligni also chose to show their 2010 vintage – a beautiful testament to the stunning aging potential of these wines.

Fuligni Wines

Having had enthusiastic testimony from guests on the night, we will share further thoughts and scores from our friends in the press here below as they are published.

In the meantime, why not have a browse of the Italian wines from the tasting here.

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