Côte d'Or

2022 and 2021 are a fascinating Ying and Yang of outstanding white Burgundy vintages. 2021, with its cooler season, produced steely, incisive whites which bought elegance to the table and will require a lot of time in the cellar to reveal their brilliance. 2022 has made some powerful, riper, but still very fresh wines which will still age prodigiously, but will equally be able to delight in the short term. Our lasting impression, when we left Burgundy last year, was that they are of a rare breed of wine where they are fantastic to drink now, but will equally be fantastic in five, ten or sometimes twenty years.

Where both these vintages also differ is in quantity. It’s hard to forget just how little white wine we had last year, with Meursault, the worst hit, recording an 80% reduction in crop. 2022, blessedly, is a normal sized harvest, with even some above average quantities in certain areas.

This paucity of wine has had a big knock-on effect and the 2022s have already proven incredibly desirable. As stocks of 2020 currently diminish on our and other merchants’ shelves and with next to no 2021s turning up to plug the gap, we will be waiting until January 2025 to receive most of these 2022 whites, so the drought will continue.

My best piece of advice – buy as much as you can to cover your needs at EP. Most of these will never make it to the physical market.

Jack Chapman, Head of Private Clients

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