2017 Burgundy

2017 Burgundy | The Vintage In A Nutshell

By on 27/11/2018

We have only just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Burgundy but the en primeur campaign is already looming large. Our visits in October and November were an absolute delight. Many vignerons were wearing broad smiles again and as well they might, this is clearly a vintage that will give enormous early drinking pleasure for both red and white.

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2017 Burgundy | Tasting Trip Day Two

By on 07/11/2018

We have an early appointment with Clos de Lambrays this morning so I’ll type fast. It was an (almost) embarrassingly star-studded lineup yesterday, with far too many wines to go into great detail on each. So a word on the vintage itself, which is coming more and more into focus.

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2017 Burgundy | Tasting Trip Day One

By on 06/11/2018

It’s a beautiful, crisp autumn day as we land in Lyon. After negotiating passport control (the sizeable queue was an ominous portent for life after Brexit), we headed through the fog to the ‘calcaire’ time-capsule that is the village of Rully. Our first appointment was at Domaine Jacqueson.

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