Red Burgundy

Under the Radar Producers – Domaine Confuron-Cotetidot, the cream of the Côte de Nuits

By on 22/02/2013

UPDATE 20/01/14 You can browse all of our current Côte de Nuits listings here on our website. There can’t be too many wine making families with a type of grape named after them, but there exists a strain of Pinot Noir called Pinot Confuron, reflecting a tradition of careful vine selection and propogation in a family history which dates back to the times of the Sun King, Louis XIV.

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2011 Burgundy – the Wine Gang have their say

By on 04/02/2013

The Wine Gang have published a list of their picks from the recent round of Burgundy 2011 tastings and, we are pleased to say, LEA & SANDEMAN's wines have performed predictably well. All prices quoted below are In Bond prices.  For Duty Paid prices and all other conditions please see the LEA & SANDEMAN web-site.

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2011 Burgundy – Jancis recommends

By on 24/01/2013

In these straitened times, splashing out on a few cases of 2011 Burgundy might seem a tad indulgent.  Well, with a miniscule (but, by all reports, excellent) 2012 vintage to follow and the Burgundians making ever more successful overtures toward the Chinese market, it could turn out that 2011 was the smart vintage to buy.

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News from the Burgundy front

By on 01/11/2012

I had heard little whispers in the trade along the lines of 'I gather the 2011s are showing pretty well', and taken them with a large dose of scepticism. But my first day of tasting today has left me feeling that the rumours did not say the half of it.

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Grouse about Burgundy.

By on 29/08/2012

Very generous friends of mine recently invited me to join them for a grouse dinner at White's club in St James'. Having ordered a very fine Chablis to accompany our starters (delicious smoked eel with a fiery but creamy horseradish sauce) the conversation turned to red wine, and what to drink with our grouse.

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Lea & Sandeman Pinot Noir – the Wine Gang report

By on 22/03/2012

Lea & Sandeman Pinot Noir - the Wine Gang report A selection of fabulous drinking Pinot Noirs as selected by the Wine Gang in their March report. 'This was in fact a tripartite tasting, with a substantial Nebbiolo flight between the Pinot Noirs and the Sangiovese, but we're putting the spotlight on the latter two this month and will cover the Piedmont reds in a forthcoming report.

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Money Week ‘Wine of the Week’ – Matthew Jukes

By on 03/03/2012

Matthew Jukes, wine writing's ebullient enthusiast, came to our last tasting, and was very complimentary - like the Wine Gang, of which more shortly. He chose just one wine, as it happens it is the same vineyard that Neal Martin picked out in the 2010 vintage from our 2010 Burgundy tasting, but this is the 2009 which is available now.

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Tim Atkin MW on 2010 Burgundy

By on 29/02/2012

Tim Atkin MW published his take on the 2010 Burgundies last week (while I was scooting about the Languedoc unearthing new jewels (of which more later) and attending the ViniSud wine fair in the not so romantic expo park next to Montpellier airport, so there's been a small delay in passing on his recommendations.

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