Lea and Sandeman Wine Merchants - Chiswick

Loire Valley Tasting – L&S Chiswick – Wednesday 23rd April – 8pm

By on 28/03/2014

With the days getting longer and warmer (hopefully), this Spring-like Season calls for wines from the Jardin de France. The majestic beauty of France’s longest river immediately calls to mind white wines – from crisp classic Sancerre at one end (actually nearer the middle, but let’s not split hairs)(oh, go on, let’s) to the flinty minerality of Muscadet at the other.

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Champagne Bollinger RD 2002

2002 BOLLINGER RD – ‘Grown Up’ Champagne

By on 27/03/2014

This is serious stuff. As it hits the glass there is a huge mousse, you can sense the wine and the bubbles, bursting to get out of the bottle after nearly 12 years in the cellar. This soon subsides into a very gentle, beading bubble. Fresh, driven and powerfully mineral – tasting young, despite its fabulous age this will no doubt settle down in 6 months or so to be a wonderful, intense yet balanced Champagne.

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Latour 2004 and Forts de Latour 2006 from the Château

By on 18/03/2014

Now that Latour has withdrawn from the annual en primeur circus, we can expect regular releases of wines the Château deems ready to drink. This year it is the turn of The Forts 2006 and the Grand Vin 2004, which is a wine we liked at the original en primeur tasting in 2005 but sadly not had the opportunity to try since.

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