Press Reviews: March 2020

by Eve-Marie Letondel

Our latest press mentions in March include a great selection of our wines that appeared in The Telegraph’s ’50 Best’ section, and a mix of some of our Italian and German wines in The Guardian.

Benefit from our case price discount in red by buying any 12 bottles from this selection – in a mixed case of your design or simply by the dozen.

The Guardian, Sour grapes: wines with a good tang, David Williams, 15/03/2020:

Review:’The absolute masters of sour in red wine are the Italians. There’s an understanding that sourness can act as both a mouth-freshening agent and as a kind of base-layer around which all the other elements in the wine can circulate. So many Italian red wines have this element of the sour-tang, which may be reminiscent of the smarting of plum skins or the tartness of just-ripe cherries. The sour is a big part of the appeal in the Piedmont variety barbera, for example […] a background hum in Andrea Oberto’s glorious Barbera d’Alba 2017, while the sweet-sourness of black cherries is part of the appeal in a gorgeous, supple and vibrantly juicy dolcetto from Burlotto.’
2017 BARBERA D’ALBA Andrea Oberto
SOLD OUT  £17.50 | £15.75
2017 BARBERA D'ALBA Andrea Oberto

2018 DOLCETTO D’ALBA G B Burlotto
£16.95 | £15.25
2018 DOLCETTO D'ALBA G B Burlotto

The Telegraph, 50 best Red and White wines for £10 and under, Victoria Moore, 14/03/2020:

2018 Pinede Merlot

2018 MERLOT Chemin de la Pinède
£9.50 | £8.75
‘Merlot? Yes a Merlot but there is not one hint of jam or chocolate, no slipperiness or listlessness about this one – instead it’s a beautifully structured red that smells of redcurrant leaves and has a freshness to it. Delicious.’ (Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph)


Primitivo Salento Falco

2018 PRIMITIVO Salento Cantine de Falco
£9.50 | £8.75
‘Forged in the heat of Italy’s heel, what’s special about this Primitivo is the balance it strikes between a vibrant and warm gush of fruit (think red plums, cherries and stewed damsons) and the firm, clean edges that give it a refreshingly tart snap.’ (Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph)


2018 Old Hands Monastrel

2018 OLD HANDS Monastrell Ecológico Bodegas La Purisima
£9.75 | £8.95
‘Monastrell is known as Mourvèdre in France, where it contributes the feral/savoury quality to Bandol. Grown in eastern Spain, it has a more accessible quality, but there’s still a pleasing earthy quality. A well-cut wine that’s refined for a Monastrell at the price.’ (Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph)


Feast Semeli

2018 SEMÉLI ‘FEAST’ Mantinia Nasiakos
£10.95 | £9.95
‘Moschofilero is the grape behind this unusual and aromatic white that sings of summer. The smell is all lemon oil and rose petal – a rich fragrance with a refreshing taste. It’s great with Greek lemon potatoes and herbs.’ (Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph)


Sauvignon Blanc Valensac

2018 SAUVIGNON BLANC Domaine de Valensac
£9.95 | £8.95
‘Some Sauvignon Blanc is shrill or piercing, some reeks of freshly-mown grass, but this one is gentle and elegant, soothing and surprisingly fresh considering it comes from the south of France in a warm year. Very classy indeed.’ (Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph)


The Guardian, Why European wines are still number one, Fiona Beckett, 06/03/2020:

2017 Petri Pinot Noir
2017 PINOT NOIR Weingut Petri
£12.50 | £10.95
‘Fruity, seductively rounded German Pinot Noir (they usually call it Spätburgunder). Very good for the price.(Fiona Beckett, The Guardian)


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