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Tim Atkin on ‘Taster-bashing’

By on 02/07/2013

Tim Atkin MW on crackling form in this week's edition of the trade rag 'Off-Licence News' (bet quite a lot of you did not even know it existed). Following-up on a headline-grabbing article in the Observer at the weekend, he roundly rebuts the idea that tasters cannot tell one wine from another or judge quality.

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The Wine Gang Christmas Fair at Vinopolis

By on 20/10/2011

Lea & Sandeman will take part in The Wine Gang Christmas fair. (It's not actually at Christmas, but in time for you to think about what to stock up with before Christmas) on Saturday 29th October at Vinopolis. Click the logo to see more details and book tickets via TicketSoup   The Wine Gang Christmas Wine Fair 2011 - London Where? Vinopolis, No.

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