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What to cook and drink may

What to cook (and drink!) in May

By on 30/04/2021

Did you do it? Did you brave the snow and sleet on the “Glorious 12th” – pint in one hand, brolly in the other, shivering away next to a tiny little patio heater that definitely was not recreating those visions of Southern Californian outdoor dining that we all had in mind when we made those bookings… Thankfully we’ve had a few nicer days since then, and (at time of writing!) the weather’s looking a little jollier for the bank holiday weekend, although I won’t quite be hanging up my thermals just yet.

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cook drink march banner

What to cook (and drink!) in March

By on 01/03/2021

March – end of Winter, start of Spring. Snowdrops and Snapdragons, Daffodils bursting through the earth, lifting the spirits to push us through those final weeks of chilly weather. There’s a lot to look forward to in March (especially for the Irish), and though the produce isn’t quite as bountiful as April, when things really get going, there’s plenty of wonderful things to cook and eat.

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Shaun Rankin

Michelin 2021: Stars in their eyes

By on 05/02/2021

[caption id="attachment_32590" align="alignnone" width="600"] Shaun Rankin from the Grantley Hall[/caption] It was, undoubtedly, a bit of an odd Michelin ceremony this year. Originally scheduled for October 2020, postponement thanks to you-know-what meant that the results of the 2021 Michelin Guide were announced last week, on Jan 25th.

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