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What to cook and drink may

What to cook (and drink!) in May

By on 30/04/2021

Did you do it? Did you brave the snow and sleet on the 鈥淕lorious 12th鈥 鈥 pint in one hand, brolly in the other, shivering away next to a tiny little patio heater that definitely was not recreating those visions of Southern Californian outdoor dining that we all had in mind when we made those bookings鈥 Thankfully we鈥檝e had a few nicer days since then, and (at time of writing!) the weather鈥檚 looking a little jollier for the bank holiday weekend, although I won鈥檛 quite be hanging up my thermals just yet.

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cook drink march banner

What to cook (and drink!) in March

By on 01/03/2021

March 鈥 end of Winter, start of Spring. Snowdrops and Snapdragons, Daffodils bursting through the earth, lifting the spirits to push us through those final weeks of chilly weather. There鈥檚 a lot to look forward to in March (especially for the Irish), and though the produce isn鈥檛 quite as bountiful as April, when things really get going, there鈥檚 plenty of wonderful things to cook and eat.

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Jacob Kenedy Bocca di Lupo

Chef recipes: Tagliata – Jacob Kenedy, Bocca di Lupo

By on 25/06/2020

Our final Chef鈥檚 recipe is also our most simple, but no less delicious and comes from our friends at Bocca di Lupo. Click here for the recipe (.pdf) "Tagliata just means 鈥榮liced鈥 鈥 a steak which is sliced when grilled. Sometimes, they are served plain 鈥 other times, with porcini mushrooms, or asparagus, or butter and sage, or rocket & tomato.

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Bandol Ros茅 and Shrimp

A simple guide to seriously good Food & Ros茅 pairings

By on 01/05/2020

While there are those that would dismiss Ros茅 as frivolous and just something to quench a thirst at the end of a long day or on a sunny Bank Holiday, we have always held with the view that these wines have so much more to offer given the right partner.

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Virtual dinner party

The Virtual Dinner Party – with Virtually Perfect Wine Pairings

By on 15/04/2020

Is there anything that beats a good Dinner Party? Coming together to share delicious food, exciting wines, and lively conversation with friends now seems more essential than ever before 鈥 but how to have that experience now? In recent weeks, technology has really stepped up to the plate, changing the way we work, play, and socialise.

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Easter Food and Wine pairings

Easter Wine & Food Pairings

By on 03/04/2020

Our Wine & Food Pairings for Easter With all that is happening with the world at present it is easy to forget that we are just over a week away from Easter. Whilst probably not at the top of everyone鈥檚 priority list, we thought the distraction of focusing on some yummy food and wine would be just what was needed.

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