Pinot Gris

A paler mutation from Pinot Noir, originating in Burgundy where it is still theoretically allowable but rarely seen. Perhaps most notable in Alsace where it was, for many years, known as Tokay (or Tokay d’Alsace) in an plagiaristic allusion to Hungarian Tokaji with which it has precisely nothing in common. Here it can be rich and enveloping, quite hedonistic. It most famously thrives in Italy (with many copy cat wines from Eastern Europe) as Pinot Grigio, occasionally quite pleasant but, when mass produced, sound if instantly forgettable. The Antipodeans have had some recent success with slightly more citrussy Pinot Gris which are worth trying especially for those a bit Sauvignoned out.

Thanksgiving 2019 wine

Best wines for Thanksgiving

By on 25/11/2019

It may be surprising to know that most of the states of the US produce wine. But, of course, most of the American wines that hit these shores are from California. From the earliest days of Spanish settlers, through waves of various European migrants, surviving the vicissitudes of Prohibition, to the modern internationally recognised industry of today, wine has always been part of the Californian scene.

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Advice for the MiP*less

By on 07/08/2014

All gone. We shipped more than ever before but still the MiP* has outsold demand. There's not a bottle to be had in the land. The winery is dry. We're MiP*ped out. What to do? Wait for the next vintage, one supposes, but you may develop a thirst before next Spring and the sun hasn't finished shining yet.

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