Under the Radar Producers – Domaine Confuron-Cotetidot, the cream of the Côte de Nuits

By on 22/02/2013

UPDATE 20/01/14 You can browse all of our current Côte de Nuits listings here on our website. There can’t be too many wine making families with a type of grape named after them, but there exists a strain of Pinot Noir called Pinot Confuron, reflecting a tradition of careful vine selection and propogation in a family history which dates back to the times of the Sun King, Louis XIV.

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2011 Burgundy – Jancis recommends

By on 24/01/2013

In these straitened times, splashing out on a few cases of 2011 Burgundy might seem a tad indulgent.  Well, with a miniscule (but, by all reports, excellent) 2012 vintage to follow and the Burgundians making ever more successful overtures toward the Chinese market, it could turn out that 2011 was the smart vintage to buy.

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By on 22/11/2012

We have had Andrea Sottimano (from the eponymous wine estate in Piemonte) going round the shops and various restaurant customers this week, tasting his wines, culminating in a dinner at Quo Vadis. And they are just great. The Barbarescos (Barbaresci?) (no - appparently 'Barbareschi' is correct) are awesome, but it is clear from our tastings that these young wines they do benefit from being opened early if possible.

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L&S 2012 Winter Champagne Offers – Part One

By on 08/11/2012

  This year we were happy to be awarded the accolade of best Independent Champagne retailer by the trade mag. 'Harpers', but that pales into insignificance beside the tweet that Jancis Robinson sent out after our last tasting:- "Today's tasting suggested nowhere better in London to buy Champagne than Lea & Sandeman".

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Saying goodbye to Patrick

By on 07/10/2012

On Thursday 4th October, a Thanksgiving Mass was held for Patrick Sandeman at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street. The last seat in this huge church was taken twenty minutes before the service began, a testament to the wide regard and affection in which Patrick was held.

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