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Advice for the MiP*less

By on 07/08/2014

All gone. We shipped more than ever before but still the MiP* has outsold demand. There's not a bottle to be had in the land. The winery is dry. We're MiP*ped out. What to do? Wait for the next vintage, one supposes, but you may develop a thirst before next Spring and the sun hasn't finished shining yet.

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Two IWC Awards for Lea & Sandeman – Celebrate with us!

By on 18/07/2014

Celebrate the Champagne & Sparkling Wine win with us! We were absolutely delighted to win Specialist Merchant of the Year Award for Champagne & Sparkling Wine. As you our customers will know, not only are our 'shelf' prices for Champagne consistently competitive, but also our low 'case prices' on Champagnes can almost always be enjoyed on the odd bottle mixed in with a case of other wines.

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A superb Malvasia from Croatia

By on 17/07/2014

We were led to Istrian wine by our our friend Tony Hodges. Tony, who sadly departed earlier this year, coined the slogan 'The lightness of being Istria' for the nascent wine export drive. The 'basic' wines have been well-appreciated for a couple of years.

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