Cabernet Franc

Often seen as playing a supporting role to Cabernet Sauvignon (of which it is probably a parent) and Merlot, Cabernet Franc is, none the less, one of the world’s most widely planted varieties. It is an important component of most St Emilion cepages and does an excellent solo job in many Loire Valley red wines, where it’s crisp slightly grassy red fruit character can be very refreshing. It also has the occasional New World incarnation, usually with a little more power, and in the seminal Paleo Rosso from Le Macchiole in Tuscany.

Bordeaux 2011 – The Weather Report

By on 12/04/2012

For once I think it really helps an understanding of the weather to understand the variation and style of the wines of Bordeaux in 2011 - although nothing is ever completely deterministic and odd surprises still exist. The story of the the 2011 harvest began with the dry Indian summer of 2010, which stayed fine long after this fine harvest was in the cellars.

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