Pinot Noir

The sublimest of sublime grape varieties, originally from Burgundy but grown around the World. Despite being difficult to grow, such is the sensual appeal that wine makers everywhere will try to make Pinot Noir, with mixed results. Obviously at home in Burgundy, also finding favour in Alsace and parts of the Loire Valley and, of course, in Champagne. Among the more successful non-European Pinot Noirs are those from New Zealand (Central Otago and Martinborough in particular) and Oregon in USA. Much prone to mutation, Pinot Noir has given birth to Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc and, probably, Pinot Meunier.


Victoria Moore in the Telegraph – ‘don’t de-mystify’ + 2 wines in the press this weekend

By on 01/05/2016

The L&S team are so used to me going on about how the fun of wine is in the complexity and nuance, the origins, the whys and wherefores of how the flavours get into a glass of wine, that they might wonder if I had inspired this weekend's article by Victoria Moore in the Telegraph, which, coming rather late to the party, I read over breakfast this morning.

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Kiwi Superstars – World-beating wines from Rippon & Felton Road

By on 20/07/2016

[caption id="attachment_21141" align="alignright" width="349"] Rippon’s Nick Mills surveys his vines running down to the impossibly beautiful Lake Wanaka[/caption] Rippon and Felton Road are without question the two leading vineyards in New Zealand’s undisputed Pinot Noir capital - Central Otago. Both are making elegant, intense Pinots with beautiful finesse.

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